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Lunch Divvy Update

We've been trialling the concierge system during the lunchtime divvy and things have been a little hectic.

The next couple of weeks, we will now trial the same room layout, but without the concierge.

Instead, we will be asking members to collect their own items *** one member at a time ***.

The reasons for these changes is that we are trying to reduce the number of mistakes that might happen during a divvy and to make sure that no one misses out on getting what they ordered. Thank you for all your patience as we continue to find a system that works.


Evening Divvy

At the evening divvy, members should start off by checking in with the concierge, and then see the evening coordinator to get going with jobs. In an effort to speed up collection, the concierge will get together your order while you do your shift. Return to the concierge at the end of your shift to measure any liquids, box your eggs, and collect your order. If you have paid the handling fee, you need only to go to the concierge, who will help you to put together your order.

If there is no volunteer for the concierge role, the Evening Co-ordinator will appoint the first volunteer that arrives as concierge, and then relieve that volunteer with a new volunteer, once the 30 minute shift is complete. 


Head of Communications

We'd also like to take this opportunity to welcome Sita Simons who will be Head of Communications (or whatever title she'd like to call herself).

Sita will be responsible for all internal and external communications within Rhubarb, whether it be responding to questions directed to info@rhubarbfood.org.au address, keeping members informed of upcoming workshops and events, or just generally keep people up to date with the happenings within the Co-op.

Sita will be taking a break from the Evening Co-ordinator role, and so a big Thank You for all her work in that regards.

Please make her feel welcome in her new role - and I'm sure we will be hearing a lot more from Sita soon!

Lily - Saturday 02:40 PM
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