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Extras in units and bunches are re-introduced

Now that things have settled in a little, extras in units and bunches have been reintroduced. Dry goods were restocked last week (and was a crazily busy time for those volunteering at the dry goods given the delivery didn't arrive until almost the end of the allocated shift time - so thank you for sticking around and to those who pitched in!). These items will not be pre-packaged. A gentle reminder that members are responsible for collecting their things. Fresh items that are left behind get distributed to the remaining volunteers in the evening (that includes any extras or eggs that are accidentally forgotte). For dry items, please contact the evening co-ordinator to confirm that your item was forgotten, and then email accounts@rhubarbfood.org.au to request for a refund.


Paid orderer update

Thank you to those who applied for the paid orderer position. This should be finalised this week and an announcement made next week. There will be changes to the mixed box from next week as well (5th March divvy). 


Divvy volunteering 

Following last week's announcement, the unpredictability of volunteers at the last divvy have thrown the co-op out of kilter again. Lesley has been working hard to make sure that lunch volunteer numbers are evened out over the fortnight, whilst the evening divvy saw a decline in volunteers. The proposed structure of lunch divvying out lunch only, and evening divvying out the evening only, will be trialed in the event that there are insufficient lunch volunteers and strong numbers for the evening. The co-ordinators will be notified in this event. 


Positions available

We are still seeking any members who are interested in being a lunch co-ordinator or a dry goods co-ordinator. One director role is still to be filled. 


Thinking of joining Rhubarb?

Everyone in the Rhubarb community loves to see our co-op grow. At the moment, though, we don't have any behind the scenes jobs available. All new members must be able to work the lunch or evening divvy at least once a fortnight, or every second order. Some members choose to work more than this, and we appreciate their contributions all the more.

So please don't sign up thinking we can find you a job on a day other than Thursday. If you're not available, but are keen to join us, send us an email and we'll keep you in the loop if we start to offer other days: info@rhubarbfood.org.au


Meanwhile, the best way to nab a behind the scenes job? Work divvies for a while, and get to know us, and put it out there that you'd like a different job. We'll let you know when we have a vacancy. 

Lily - Sunday 08:27 AM 23 February 2020
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