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Important news, MUST READ!

Hi all

Following a very enthusiastic members’ meeting last week, there are some changes to Rhubarb’s operations that we’ll be phasing in over the next few weeks. We’re trying to avoid information overload!

Please read the news below and each week. Feedback is welcome, email info@rhubarbfood.org.au

The changes are being implemented with the triple goals of making our work more equitable, more efficient, and increasing the community spirit of our co-op. With all these in place, we’ll be able to grow a little more, within the space limits of our Barrett House location.

Minutes from the meeting will be available ASAP.


Handling fee option to go – because we’re all in this together

The option of paying a handling fee rather than volunteering doesn’t reflect the values of a community organisation which is not-for-profit and designed to bring people together. We understand that some members can’t ever be available on Thursdays. We’ve already spoken to some of you, to work out how to set you up with behind the scenes jobs which fit your lives. We’re grateful that you want to contribute and excited to have you involved in new ways.

The handling fee option will be discontinued on 31/3/19. Members, if you’re unwell or have something tricky come up that means you can’t take on a job, please get in touch: directors@rhubarbfood.org.au 


Next week, the jobs will look different

When the shop opens next week, you’ll see timeslots will have changed, the new ones will incorporate the time taken to pick up our own orders. Please check out the workflow described below – some members will collect their stuff before working, and some after.

We’ll help you get your heads around it. The biggest change is that we’re going to try packing everyone’s whole order, so we’re not double- and triple- handling items as we start cleaning up. It should make pick up of orders super fast.


New baby breaks from volunteering

As an organisation mostly run by women, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re bringing in 6 week breaks from volunteering for member families with new babies. We want you to have the same fresh organic food as usual in that dreamy, sleepy time.


Evening Divvy Workflow, starts  on Thursday 28/3/19

  • open Barrett House
  • sort fresh extras into units
  • move DIY liquids & washing powder to the mixed box room
  • pack individual orders of extras, fresh and dry, into empty cardboard boxes, label and set aside for pick up
  • wipe down buckets, put away (don't wash). A bit of organic dirt won't hurt us!
  • wipe down baskets, put away
  • tape up waxed cardboard and styrofoam boxes and move to side of house
  • pack away DIY items 
  • wipe down and pack away tables 
  • do a final sweep of Barrett House
  • close up Barrett House
  1. Volunteer roles are still 30 minutes, but new time slot will incorporate an extra 15 minutes for collection of items.
  2. Collection of your order might be at the beginning or end of your shift - depending on the job you choose.
  3. Volunteers need to be on time! If you're running late, it's your responsibility to let the evening coordinator know - look for the evening coordinator’s name and number in the pick up email sent on Thursday morning.

Dry goods news

Back in stock: red lentils, couscous, black tahini, dates. Out of stock at supplier: green lentils.

rachel - Sunday 12:42 PM 17 March 2019
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