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Coffee now available, direct from Sacred Grounds

We've been trying to stock bulk 1kg bags of coffee for a while, but had all kinds of probs with freshness, when trying to buy via distributors. So we've gone to the source, and will be trialling buying direct from Sacred Grounds once every 4 weeks.

The blend we're buying has the lowest food miles of any organic coffee for sale in Australia. At their Marrickville HQ, Sacred Grounds roast daily, and coffee ships out right away, mostly to cafes. So the bags we're buying are likely to have been roasted within a few days of our order.

The price for beans and plunger ground is the same, $39.60. Retail price is $47 + shipping.

Caffeination needs, sorted!


How to modify your Rhubarb order

Go to the home page of the Rhubarb shop. When you scroll down, you'll see a yellow button, "Modify order". Click the button, and you'll go to the order page. All the items you've already ordered will be selected.

Add whatever items you wish. For example, a bag of coffee. Just enter a 1 in the appropriate box. To cancel an item, change the number in the corresponding box to 0.

Click place order. The "we're a co-op, not a shop" pop-up will pop up. Click "ok", and you'll see the order confirmation page, which will show you the updated order. Not done yet.

Scroll down, and click the PayPal button to pay for your extra items. Sign in again on the PayPal pop-up & pay. You are not finished!

Last step: back on the Rhubarb shop, click the green "pay now" button.

rachel - Monday 09:21 AM 13 May 2019
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