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Extended summer shop close and compulsory meeting


The past few months, and often throughout Rhubarb’s history, there has been a struggle to find adequate numbers of volunteers for various jobs, and attendance to members meetings. A big part of the co-op is to share the load and knowledge among all the members and so the co-op would still be able to function in the event of people moving away, being unwell or unavailable. Often we’ve had call outs ahead of divvies, but more problematically, members are not stepping up to take turns doing the various jobs which require a commitment beyond the weekly divvies.  Just a few members are doing oversized shares of the volunteer labour, week after week, feeling obliged to prop up the Co-op to ensure it doesn’t fail..


Although Rhubarb has much to offer as an organisation, a co-op is only as strong as its members. Given this is the current situation, the announcement that several key loyal members are moving away has pushed Rhubarb into crisis. The directors have jointly decided to shut Rhubarb for a longer than usual summer break, and to resume divvies at the start of February, only after a compulsory members’ meeting. 


Our last divvy of 2019 is Thursday 19 December 2019.

Rhubarb will re-open on Thursday 6 February 2020.


Compulsory meeting: 2pm, Sunday 2 February 2020


If you intend to order from Rhubarb in 2020, you MUST attend this meeting. We will be discussing and deciding on the future of the Co-op.

If you cannot make it, you will risk having your membership cancelled (and your fee refunded pro-rata).


A survey will be sent in the new year ahead of the Member's meeting. We would appreciate you taking the time to fill this information out, as it will also be used to inform the meeting agenda, which will follow.


To those who did step up in 2019: thank you for your support.

- Saturday 06:21 PM 14 December 2019
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