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Dry goods update

This week’s divvy sees almost all products in stock.

We are continuing to trial various ways of stocking coffee. Several members mentioned they’d like to buy 1kg bags of beans. Currently, we can source 1kg bags of whole beans, but only 250g bags of ground beans. We’ve stocked three 1kg bags and six 250g bags of plunger ground coffee. If these are popular, we can order more in future. The whole beans are a blend from various parts of the world, roasted in Sydney. The ground beans are more local – grown in Papua New Guinea. They work out at about the same price.

You might notice a bag of flour that is “for Marie”. We are not stocking wheat flour anymore, as it isn’t popular enough. However, if anyone else wants to order a bulk 5kg bag, we’re happy to add it to the next order.

Last week there was an enthusiastic discussion on Facebook about the possibility of Rhubarb selling eco cleaning products. We’ve ordered a small selection for members to try out. The brand is Simply Clean and they are grey-water safe, toxin-free, concentrated and made in NSW. Look out for more info over the next week.

As usual, send your feedback via Facebook and the comments.

Back in stock: new harvest olive oil; walnuts; sunflower seeds; sesame seeds; tinned chickpeas and coffee.

Out of stock at supplier: dried apricots and raw chick peas.

Lower prices: sunflower seeds and figs.

rachel - Sunday 01:41 PM