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*** Price changes effective from 1 July 2017 ***


Dear Rhubarb Members

We’ve had a really great year in which all our efforts have resulted in a big growth in orders – so well done us! In doing so, together we’ve been able to provide our members with a wide range of organic produce at very competitive prices.

Over the past 24 months we have kept our prices constant however we are now in the situation where some price changes need to be put through in order for the Co-op to stay sustainable.

The price changes reflect increased prices from our suppliers as well as additional expenses incurred from the running of the Co-op.



Price changes (From 1 July 2017)

-          Eggs to be increased to $7 (from $6.50). These had been previously sold at a loss or close to cost price due to the fixed delivery price

-          Dry goods margin to be increased from 10% to 17%

-          Liquid goods margin to be increased from 10% to 20%

-          Handling Fee to be the greater of $12 or 20% of the total order amount


Prices that would remain the same are as follows:

-          Mixed box

-          Membership Fee

-          Fresh products (currently a 10% mark-up)


Whilst the dry goods prices have increased, they are still incredibly economical compared to many of our competitors. Here are a few examples of the price changes (prices based off 1 June 17 Divvy) 


Rhubarb (approximate price after 1 July 17)


Naked Foods

Doorstep Organics

1 Dozen Eggs

$7.00 (Uncertified Organic)

$8.50 (Organic 10 pack)

Not sold

$12.95 (Organic)

Organic Olive Oil – 500ml

$7.00 (Australian)

$5.00 (Coles Brand from Spain)

$13.48 (Tunisia)

$12.14 (Australian)

Almonds – 500g


$11.25 (not organic)



Walnuts – 500g


$12.50 (not organic)



Rolled Oats – 1kg


$4.40 (not organic – Lowan brand)



Sultanas – 500g


$2.83 (not organic)




We value your continued support of the Co-op.


Your Rhubarb Directors: Natacha, Sandra, Helene, Anne-Marie and Lily



Further information can be found in the May Monthly Minutes as well as the 2016 Financial Report which is available on our website.

Lily - Saturday 10:15 PM